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Stainless Steel Mirror Grinding

Stainless Steel Mirror Grinding

Grinding from 2B surface by mill stone, fine polish into reflective and shiny mirror.

Stainless steel mirror grinding mainly use two methods, by mechanical or chemical solution. Mechanically grinding is polished by mill stone to remove the oxide layer on metal surface, include coarse grinding and fine polishing. After processing, the stainless steel sheets or metal sheets can be more flat and mirror surface. And chemical polishing is putting the materials into chemical solutions to remove the oxide layer. 

For the reflection is very high, the stainless steel mirror sheets not use too much in external decoration, mainly use in interior. And mainly with some titanium color.



Established stable cooperation with famous decoration companies, elevator companies, facade companies. Supply stainless steel flat panel, fabricated elevator parts, facade unit to customers.




TT, LC, DP, DA, Western Union, Money Gram, Trade Assurance

Material supplier: Baosteel, Posco,Tisco,Lisco,Jisco

Material grade: 201,304,316L,etc



Length: standard 2438mm, 3048mm, no length limitation

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