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Stainless Steel Standard Etching

Stainless Steel Standard Etching

Several hundreds of pettern and keep developing new pattern. And can create new pattern according to drawing can get

U-VIEW have several hundreds of stainless steel etching pattern for reference, the drawing can be repeated unit lay on one panel, also can be some drawing suitable for door or other customized decoration.

The principle of etching is etch off the stainless steel surface by ferric trichloride, ferric iron change into stable ferrous iron. The operation flow is coated one layer anti-corrosion onto the stainless steel sheet surface to keep the some position in good, put the panel on etching production line and spray ferric trichloride to the surface. Then wash the anti-corrosion layer off, there will be drawing on stainless steel surface.


Material grade: 304, 316, 201




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