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Stainless Steel Sheet Welding Work

Cold rolled material apply to flat products such as sheet or coil, normally less than 3mm. 2B is the most widely used in industrial, construction, chemical, food processing applications.

Products description
Some formed products, structural element or machinery parts cannot be produced in whole one. Need other methods to compose together, welding for stainless steel is one of the methods. There are following method for stainless steel welding.
MMA- Manual Metal Arc (welding), this is commonly used and convenient method.
MIG/MAG- Welding by using metal inert gas, this method is gas shielded arc welding.
TIG- tungsten inert gas, arc welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce weld

Processing Method:
The stainless steel welding work with some changes before and after welding. The following is processing method to welding position.
The welding lines and nearby all with accelerated oxidization. The oxide layer in zone with color change is relatively thicker, and the components also change. This lead the anti corrosion not so good as before. So acid cleaning and polishing needed to remove the oxide layer and recover anti corrosion property. Then the stainless steel with welding will nearly as good as before.

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