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No.4 Stainless Steel Panel

No.4 finish is characterized by short, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil. Like short hairline finish.

Products description
No.4 stainless steel panel, also called Satin stainless steel and sometimes written as #4 stainless steel. No 4 surface is produced by short, parallel polishing lines, which extend uniformly along the length of the coil. No. 4 finish is attained by mechanically polishing the metal with fine abrasives belts to remove minimal amounts of metal from the surface without affecting its thickness. The abrasive belts determine if the lines are fine or wide. The final finish can be between 80 to 320 grit. High grit number create finer polishing lines and more reflective finishes.
No 4 finish is duller than the other common finishes, 2B and BA and is generally used where lower reflectivity or gloss is required and where welds and other fabrication marks are to be refinished to match the original surface.


Commonly used size for No.4 stainless steel sheet is 1000*2440mm, 1000*3050mm, 1219*2440mm, 1219*3050mm, sometimes 1500mm width also can be found.
Thickness: 0.7mm~3.0mm for cold rolled, other thickness mainly hot rolled
Width: Cutting edge 1000mm/1220mm/1500mm
Length: standard length 2438mm/3048mm, no length limitation till now

Normally the HL brushed with one layer Black and White protect film, put into fumigated wooden cases after inspection. The gross weight for each package is less than 2tons. LCL or container, by sea or by air are all available ways.


A No. 4 finish is sometimes called the workhorse finish, as it is easy to maintain in high-traffic areas such as handrails, kitchen/restaurant/dairy equipment, stainless steel sinks, bus shelters, elevator doors, and work surfaces. Also can be used in elevator doors and cabins, escalator trim, curtain wall, cladding.

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