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The Supply-side Structural Reform Of The Stainless Steel Hot-rolled Plate Industry Has Been Continuously Promoted
Sep 25, 2017

according to the national development and reform commission in 2016 stainless steel for hot rolled plate industry dissolve crude steel production capacity of more than 65 million tons, production capacity to achieve remarkable achievement, in the joint efforts of relevant parties face, dissolve in 2017 stainless steel hot rolling plate overcapacity work goes well, got off to a good start. By the end of April, the country had pulled out of crude steel production capacity of 31.7 million tons and completed 63.4 percent of the annual target of 50 million tons. Clamp down on illegal "DeTiaoGang" marked achievements were scored in the work, from the joint inter-ministerial meeting in May to regional supervision, place the preliminary screening "DeTiaoGang" capacity has been found at all. The development of stainless steel hot rolled plate will usher in a new phase after the full and complete ban of "land steel" by June 30.
With the development of the supply-side structural reform of the stainless steel hot-rolled plate industry, the industry operation situation has been further improved. In the first quarter, the members of the stainless steel hot-rolled plate industry association realized sales revenue of 839.33 billion yuan, up 38.1% year on year. The cumulative profit was 23.28 billion yuan, compared with a loss of 8.63 billion yuan in the same period last year. In late march, the asset-liability ratio of the members of the stainless steel hot-rolled plate industry association fell to 70.0%, a decrease of 1.1 percentage points from the previous year. The industry has gradually manifested itself in improving efficiency, establishing a fair competition market order and preventing economic and social risks. The pace of structural adjustment and optimization and upgrading has been continuously moving forward.