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The Stainless Steel Plate Should Pay Attention To The Following Problems
Sep 25, 2017

If the surface of the workpiece is attached to the surface of the workpiece, the thickness of the oxide skin and the other parts of the surface of the oil will be different and the carburizing will be produced. The carburized parts of the subcutaneous base metal will be severely eroded by acid. The oil dripping from the initial combustion of a heavy oil burner can be greatly affected if it is attached to the workpiece. The fingerprints attached to the operator also have an effect on the workpiece. Do not touch the stainless steel directly with your hands. Do not touch the workpiece with fresh oil. Clean gloves must be used.
The surface of the workpiece, such as the lubricating oil when it is cold processed, must be fully defused in trichloroethylene degreasing agent and caustic soda and then cleaned with warm water before heat treatment.
Stainless steel plates can have an effect on the skin of the oxide if there is anything on the surface, especially on organic matter or ash attached.
The atmosphere in the furnace of 304 stainless steel plate is different in different parts of the furnace, and the formation of oxide skin will change as well, which is also the reason why it is not uniform after pickling. Therefore, in heating, the atmosphere of each part of the furnace must be the same. For this, you must also consider the cycle of atmosphere.
And a heating workpiece used bench of brick, asbestos, etc., if they contain water, when heated, water will evaporate, part of the direct contact with water vapor and other parts of the atmosphere will generate differences, the formation of the scale, of course, also is different. Therefore, objects that are directly in contact with the heating workpiece must be fully dried to use. However, after drying, as at normal temperature, moisture will remain on the surface of the workpiece when humidity is high. Therefore, it is best to dry before use.
Stainless steel plate if dealing with a local before heat treatment with residual scale, scale after heating the remaining parts and not the part of the scale, the thickness of the oxide skin and composition differences, cause after pickling surface uneven, so not only should pay attention to the final heat treatment, but also to fully pay attention to the intermediate heat treatment and pickling.
The surface of the stainless steel that is directly exposed to the flame of the gas or oil is different from that produced in the non-contact area. Therefore, the processing parts must not be directly exposed to the flame when heating.