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The Performance Of Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Plate And Stainless Steel Drawing Board Is Different
Sep 22, 2017

Stainless steel cold rolling plate is based on the stainless steel hot rolled plate (the annealing acid washing is generally No.1 surface). Generally speaking, there are 2 b, 2 d two surface, 2 d rough surface, 2 b in the fog on the surface, fine point, 98% is 2 b surface on the market, so the general said stainless steel manufacture is refers to the surface of stainless steel manufacture 2 b.
The stainless steel wire drawing board is processed on the surface of stainless steel 2B,2D or even NO.1 on the surface of 120 #, 180# and even 240# 320# drawing machines. Because of the large surface of hot rolled surface, it is not suitable for decorative materials, but only for a very small number of industries. Due to the manufacture of stainless steel (especially for 2 b surface) itself is smooth, good effect in producing wire drawing board, so the sales of stainless steel wire drawing board on the market is generally 2 b surface of stainless steel.