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The Operation Process And Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Sheet Butt Welder
Sep 25, 2017

The best high precision argon arc continuous welding + + spot welding of stainless steel plate welding welding repair welding + no + workpiece surface temperature, CMT - 100 ultra-precision temperature without transition welding/sand hole corrosion wear strain crack super bad repair, truly realizing large temperature fast welding welding machine. The thermal input of welding is very low, not deformation, not biting edge, realize the unheated metal transition cold welding. Why is it called transition welding? Traditional ultra-precision machine is precisely control the size of the current, and the product of the digital welding control system can not only know the arc generated by the start time, reduce the welding current, automatically until extinguishing arc welding wire, and can generate the best time to master the drop, when the welding wire is produced automatically drop down current, the pulse effectively improved the welding wire melting drop transition. After the droplet drips from the wire, the digital control system increases the welding current again, then regenerates the welding arc and starts the new round of welding process. The alternation of this "cold - heat" greatly reduces the generation of welding heat and reduces the conduction of welding heat in the welds. In addition, multiple functions can be implemented: the parameters of the melting drop can be set correctly, and the better weld thickness transition is achieved, and the welding speed is high and no splash is produced.
Excellent arc performance, casting perfect product quality. This product allows to connect 208-250v with any input voltage, convenient operation. This product can multi-purpose, in the process of advanced argon welding, also true to realize the cold welding. It makes the welding task easier, faster and more effective. The minimum current of this machine can reach 1A. In the ultra-precision welding mode, the superprecision, fine welding, non-temperature and cold welding are realized. Convenient and superior operating performance can be comparable to laser welding, which can meet customers' needs.
Product features:
In precision welding mode, the current in 1-200 - a, time can be adjusted within the range 1-500 ms, 1 a small current also can stable operation, welding scar is very small, not black, not to bite, even pinhole of diameter of 0.1 mm can obtain perfect welding repair effect.
The perfect tiger arc-control system solves the impact on the workpiece during welding and solves the phenomenon of biting edge perfectly. 3. The time and current of the welding shall be given automatically by selecting the welding area, welding material and the size of the welding material.
4. Data storage memory mode can be used to store different welding data.
5. When large area welding is needed, a continuous welding mode can be selected to provide a faster and more polished surface for welding than laser welding. The interval time is 0.1 to 0.2 seconds.
6. Combined with metallurgical combination, the bonding degree of argon arc spot welding can be achieved. Moreover, the solder hardness will not be as high as argon welding, which can be processed in a variety of machining ways. After welding, it can be used for color detection. It can be electroplated, without black and air after plating.
7. Use arc positioning mode, which can accurately locate the welding filling point, thus achieving the perfect welding effect. Product application:
Pits, cracks, and abrasion welding of plane parts. Such as molds, auto parts. 2. Connection of two products. Such as billboard welding, coffee pot docking, stainless steel cabinet docking, stainless steel doors and Windows butt, sheet metal butt joint. 3. Large area repair continuous cold and cold welding, press roller. Bearing bit wear, crankshaft pull, hydraulic rod pull, machine tool guide wear, motor rotor.