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The time and temperature control of hot-dip galvanized stainless steel plate
Sep 22, 2017

How is hot galvanizing time and temperature of stainless steel hot-rolled plate controlled
From the historical experiment and production practice, it can be affirmed that the zinc liquid temperature of hot-dip galvanized stainless steel plate is the best temperature in the range of 450 ~ 460 'C. When the temperature is high, it will increase the heat consumption, shorten the service life of the steel zinc pot, accelerate the generation of zinc slag and zinc ash, and affect the quality of the plastic nursery layer of galvanized dendrobium. When the temperature is low, it will affect the ability of 16mn seamless steel tube galvanizing, and due to the reduced fluidity of the zinc, the thickness of the zinc coating is uneven.
Experienced hot galvanizing workers is by observing the reaction of the hot galvanizing phenomenon to control hot-dip time: "dip 16 mn seamless steel tube into until" boiling "phenomenon in zinc liquid to stop, then don't delay to come up immediately, so that you can get the most use the thickness of zinc required".
Most of the results show that the thickness of zinc-iron layer under the pure zinc layer is related to the time of zinc dip, while the thickness of the pure zinc layer is related to the proposed speed of 16mn seamless steel pipe. Some years of high pressure line tower factory, metal structure plant, hot dip galvanized steel plant and auto parts hot dip galvanizing plant for 30 ~ 60.

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