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The invention and development of 200series stainless steel
Dec 27, 2017

200series stainless steel was invented to replace 300series during World War II in America. At that time, nickel was controlled strictly as strategic material. The shortage was very serious in USA. In order to ensure the production and supply of stainless steel under this kind of situation, USA invented this new austenitic stainless steel, in which use Manganese to replace Nickel.

After World War II, the nickel supply situation became better. So, production of 300series stainless steel without so much limitation and 200series with little development. Base on the national situation of Nickel shortage and enough Manganese, the Indian participants of 200series stainless steel took it back to India. 

One of the reason 200series could be used successfully is it can replace 304 stainless steel in some specific application. 

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