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Suggestion to avoid facade cladding get rusted
Jan 05, 2018

Distinguish cathode and anode in facade cladding design

Bimetallic corrosion is the corrosion happen when two different metal material get contact. The following methods are to prevent bimetallic corrosion.

1. During design stage, try to avoid the touch of different metal material or alloy. If this cannot be prevented, try to use the material with similar natural potential.

2. Avoid to use big area cathode and small area anode design.

3. Consider to use nonconductor material between different metal, to avoid they touch directly.

4. Use some paint or metal plating film to protect. But this kind of protect film need to use on cathode metal to reduce cathode area. If just use on anode metal, the dangerous situation(big area cathode and small area anode) will emerge for porosity property of paint or partial remove. Notice potential difference when use different metals.

5. Choose anode parts which can be changed easily, or to make it thicker to extend lift time.

6. Use electrochemistry method to protect. Add external battery, which is called cathodic protection or use the third metal which with lower potential than previous two.


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