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Stainless steel stamping forming processing
May 23, 2018

Stamping processing need several steps to finish, maybe just one step, maybe 8 steps. That mainly depends on the outlooking of the products. Regular steps include material cutting, forming, shearing.

Stamping forming is exerting exterior force to panel, strip, pipes and formed material by machine and mould. Then material get plastometric set or splited, to get required workpiece in shape and size. The base material used for stamping forming is cold rolled and hot rolled stainless steel sheet and strip.

All stainless steel material used in worldwide, 60%-70% is in flat sheet, and most of this flat stainless steel sheet need stamping froming processing. The car, chassis,oil container, radiator fin, electric  motor,instruments and meters, bikes and others daily life vessels all used stamping stainless steel sheet.

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