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Stainless steel roller polishing
Oct 16, 2018

Stainless steel roller polishing

Application: For stainless steel fasteners, fishing gear accessories, chains, pendants, springs, small hardware and similar stainless steel formed products polishing after processing.

Features: Combined by cleaning agent, brightener, corrosion inhibitor, surfactant and other complex. mirror gloss, foam rich, long-lasting effect.

Usage: 1. the main function of this product is polishing for stainless steel products and include two steps. Remove oil on stainless steel products and then polishing.

2. Liquid mixing. Using polishing liquid base on proportion of 1-2% to weight of stainless steel products. Then add in water in the same weight as polishing liquid(which means polishing liquid:water=1:1)

3. Processing process. Rolling polishing. The polishing time is about 0.5-1hour, this mainly depend on surface gloss requirement. Remove polishing solution, rinse with water, centrifugal drying or air drying.

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