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Stainless steel products polishing method
Oct 14, 2018

Second, two-in-one polishing solution for stainless steel

Application, Clear stainless steel (screws, pendants, small hardware, decorations, etc.) oxidized skin and oil formed during cold-rolled or stamping processing, make it bright and beautiful.

Features, Chemical polishing, oil remove and polishing can be done once. High efficiency and convenient, cost-effective, good brightness.

Usage: Mix two-in-one polishing liquid with water in proportion of 1:20-50, vibration polishing or rolling polishing after put stainless steel products in the solution. Clean by water, then centrifugal drying or air drying.

Note: Suitable for stainless steel products with light oil. Polishing solution is concentrated liquid, need to depend on actual situations when mix solution with water.  Do not touch eye, mouth, immediately rinse water if any emergency happen.

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