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Stainless steel polishing liquid
Oct 13, 2018

First, stainless steel polishing liquid

Application, to remove oxidation layer on stainless steel (screws, pendants, hardware, decorations, etc.) form during cold-rolled or stamping processing, make the surface bright and beautiful.

Features, Chemical polishing, which is fast and convenient, high efficiency and low cost, better than similar products in market.

Usage: tumbling cylinder, put in metal cleaning liquid and hot water with 90 degrees, base on the proportion of 1:20 plus. Then put in stainless steel products need to polish and rolling 5-15minutes to clean the grease contamination. If base on 1:20-50 proportion to make solution, vibration polishing or rolling polishing for about 15minutes. Then clean it by water, centrifugal drying or air drying.

Note: The grease contamination on stainless steel products have to be removed clearly before polishing. And polishing solution is concentrated liquid, the water proportion need to depend on the actual conditions.

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