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Stainless steel polishing
Oct 11, 2018

First, mechanical Polishing. Mechanical polishing is by cutting and plastic yield to remove the convex part, then finally get smooth surface. By this method, oil stone, wool wheel, sandpaper, etc. will be used and mainly operate by manual. For special stainless steel products, such as rotary surface, can use auxiliary tools such as turntable. And for high quality requirement surface, can use ultra-lapping polishing method.

Second, Chemical polishing. Chemical polishing put stainless steel material in chemical medium, then surface with microscopic convex particles get dissolution prior to concave part. Then smooth surface get can.

Third, Electrolytic Polishing. The basic principle of electrolytic polishing is the same as chemical polishing. That is, by selectively dissolving the surface slightly protruding, so stainless steel surface smooth.

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