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Stainless Steel Grinding Polishing Liquid
Oct 15, 2018

Application. Used for stainless steel fasteners, fishing gear accessories, chains, pendants, springs, small hardware and other stainless steel products polishing after form or fabrication. Compare to stainless steel roller polishing fluid (00112), it with more acidic, more suitable to polish stainless steel products surface with the oxide layer or more rough.

Features, This solution is mixed by cleaning agent, brightener, corrosion inhibitors, surface-activator and others. It can significantly improve surface brightness of stainless steel parts, make the parts bright and beautiful. Mechanical and Chemical polishing combination, cost-effective, good brightness.


1. main function of this product is polishing, and also have quick-acting to remove oxide layer, can be used with stainless steel roller polishing fluid (06204). The first step is to use this product to remove surface burr, oxide, pin hole, etc., the second step is to use stainless steel roller polishing fluid (06204) for polishing, gloss become better, also can be used alone.

2. liquid mix. The grinding polishing fluid amount is of 2-3% of stainless steel products weight(or according to status of oxidation layer), then add double amount water to into roller machine(polishing liquid: water =1:1~2).

3. Processing. Roller polishing, time depend on brightness requirement, mainly 1-2hours. Let off polishing solution and rinse stainless steel parts with water, centrifugal drying or air drying.

4. Polishing time according to the surface roughness of stainless steel parts. For products with rough surface, such as stainless steel chain, can use together with abrasive (such as polishing blocks, etc.), expand rolling time.

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