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Knowledge popularization of stainless steel sheet
Sep 22, 2017

We have seen all kinds of stainless steel products in our daily life, and the stainless steel materials are also divided into many kinds. Today we give a brief introduction to the stainless steel sheet.
Stainless steel products with its elegant appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and high temperature strength and get the favour of people, more and more widely used in decoration, light industry, civil hardware, kitchen equipment and appliances and other industries. Due to this kind of product appearance quality request is higher, in the whole process of product, to ensure the high brightness of the surface of the product is not really challenging cuts and bruises, especially due to the stainless steel sheet drawing characteristic mold material selection, heat treatment, machining and processing lubrication problems directly affect the product quality, and the gold, yield, cost, and die life.
Due to the high yield point of stainless steel, high hardness and cold hardening effect, the characteristics of stainless steel thin plate are as follows:
1) because the thermal conductivity is worse than the normal low carbon steel, resulting in the required deformation force;
2) when the stainless steel sheet is pulled deep, the plastic deformation is hard to harden. When the thin plate is deep, it can wrinkle easily.
3) sheet metal deep drawing die in the rounded corners of bending and reverse bending springback, caused by deformation are usually formed in the product wall sag to demand higher dimensional accuracy and shape products need to increase the plastic process to achieve.
Made by stainless steel deep drawing property, the bonding tumor because of sheet metal and direct contact with the mould and it is an indisputable fact in theory, so the first point selecting lubricant or coating agent was in the process of sheet metal deep drawing lubrication film from beginning to end not fracture and lubrication. "Anti-visage" is the basic starting point of choice of lubricant.
Generally, a certain proportion of extreme pressure additives or solid lubricant in lubricant can achieve better results. Largely improve the lubricating ability of lubricant in metal surface, which produce sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine compounds at high temperatures and the metal surface chemical reaction, generate iron sulfide, chloride and so on to strengthen the oil film strength and enhance the adsorption ability, better lubrication mold and product surface. Solid lubricant is filled to the small pits on the surface of the metal, reduce the contact points of the dry friction to a minimum, the other has a high stability of solid lubricants, also can have the lubrication effect at high temperature, die bonding to occur. According to the product deformation degree and the actual situation selection and formula (the formula can be found on the stamping manual) in production.
In addition, fat, mineral oil, synthetic grease, grease, soap can also form lubricant, and the stainless steel shallow pull deep effect is better. Organic mineral oil containing water soluble emulsion or diluted with oil can also be used for shallow drawdown. Adding graphite to lubricants ACTS as an anti-adhesion, but it is difficult to clean the graphite. If you choose the code name 3054 alloy cast iron to make molds, the general lubricant effect is better.
According to the data, the surface can be obtained by salt bath treatment with a layer of metal mold (such as copper, zinc, lead, etc.), which will not appear in the process of drawing. In addition, in recent years developed a kind of organic polymer polyvinyl butyral as lubricating film, blank after processing, the surface is a layer of organic lubricating film, it can be with sheet metal deformation, which not only avoids direct contact with the mold and sheet metal, to prevent the sticky mold, ensure the quality of the product surface. And it greatly reduces the friction between the die and the plate, which provides good lubrication, and the experiment shows that the effect is good.

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