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Kinds of 410 stainless steel
Aug 21, 2018

SUS410 is Japanese standard, 1Cr13 is Chinese standard, X10Cr13 is German standard, 410 is American standard.

410 stainless steel is one kind of stainless steel. And there are 0Cr13 and 1Cr 13 for choice, depending on the application.

SUS410(13Cr) with good property in anti rust and mechanical work. It is mainly used for general-purpose stainless steel and cutlery steel. Stainless steel 410S is with better property in anti-rust and forming. 410F2 is free-machining steel but not reduce anti-rust property. 410J1 is one kind of high strength steel which improve the anti rust property of 410 stainless steel.

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