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Dainan stainless steel equipment rectification
May 31, 2018

The production volume of stainless steel bar and stainless steel wire in Dainan is about 100-120tons, proportion reached about 29% in national general volume. The average is about 7tons per month. To shut intermediate frequency furnace make the gap between supply and demand become bigger. Other enterprises are difficult to make up the shortage of 7tons each month. This make the price of stainless steel bar and stainless steel wire kept going up. Till May 24 2018, 304 stainless steel bar price from Tsingshan was RMB15800.00/ton, increased RMB1000.00 in May. 304 stainless steel wire price was RMB17600.00/ton, increased RMB2600.00/ton. The increase percentage is 16.18% and 17.3%.

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