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Daily understanding of stainless steel
Jan 13, 2018

Stainless steel, is one kind of steel material difficult to get rusted. And one kind of alloy metal material with anti corrosion property.

Stainless steel get more and more popular for its characteristics of  beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion property, difficult to get damaged. Kitchen device, sculpture, building, home decoration, and some some other application all use more stainless steel material. And some customers buy stainless steel device for daily usage and use magnet to check the quality, for they say stainless steel donot attach magnet.

Carbon iron and stainless steel are judged by the component of C. The percentage less than 2% is steel, and more than 2% is iron. Steel is widely used for it is with toughness, flexibility, rigidity. The one we use in daily life is all steel, just with different name. And call can be called stainless steel if components comply to quality requirement, no matter if magnet can be attached. And no saying like stainless steel iron. 

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