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Current methods and procedures of domestic stainless steel tube specifications
Sep 22, 2017

The stainless steel tube specification for exterior subsurface treatment may not only be for aesthetic appearance, but also for the treatment of sublight. In addition to the ordinary stainless steel seamless tube. The treatment methods are as follows:
To make a working fluid of the subaqueous solution. Under normal temperature or heating electrolyte to 40-50 degrees, hang in the cathode lead plate or stainless steel tube, fixed at the anode electrolytic polishing of the workpiece, and then adjust the voltage at around 5 v, polishing 3-5 minutes remove artifacts. Complete the photoelectrolytic process.
Process: chemical degreasing, derusting - water - electrolytic inferior smooth - water - and - water - hot water washing, all our above inferior smooth stainless steel pipe has a certain understanding, so different brushed stainless steel pipe specification mainly have what purpose, we have learned, brushed stainless steel tube is mainly used in the components of a few adornment, you like stair armrest, inside the armrest of the underground, etc., so the inferior smooth stainless steel pipe for us ordinary people is often come into contact with.

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