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443 stainless steel
Jan 02, 2018

443 stainless steel is one kind of ferritic stainless steel. It is normally used to replace 304 stainless steel. The anti-corrosion characteristic is nearly the same as 304. Currently used a lot in electric appliance, kitchen device, elevator, oven production and some other industry.

1. Chemical composition and mechanical property: 〔C〕=0.01%,〔Cr〕=21.0%,〔Ti〕=0.3%, yield strength σ0.2=305Mpa, tensile strength σb=483Mpa, elogation El=31%.

2. 443 stainless steel property. Corrosion resistance index 300mv, nearly the same as 304. Thermal stability is strong, tensile property is good.

3. The characteristic is better than regular ferritic stainless steel. Increase Cr and Ti while reduce C to enhance anti-rust property and stability under high temperature.


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