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440C stainless steel property and
Jan 17, 2018

440C stainless steel with 1% Carbon component, and its anti-rust property is good. It is widely used in imported knives. The Chromium percentage is 16-18% and the material is popular in knives production. If used as bearing part to heat treatment, it is suggested to proceed cryogenic treatment before tempering. The cryogenic treatment enhance the hardness of stainless steel material, increase wearing resistance and size stability. So the cryogenic treatment also used on heat treatment of knives.

The material with medium and higher hardness with glutinosity and high temperature when polishing. So suggest to use mill stone with rubing grain and microcrystalline alumina material to polish. The annealing temperature for 440C material is very low, so recommended material with hardness HRC57-59 when proceed heat treatment for knives and bearing parts materials. And the hardness can reach HRC60 if use cryogenic treatment, Anti corrosion and toughness all good. Widely used in manual produced knives and high quality knives.

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