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316 stainless steel property
Dec 21, 2017

316 stainless steel property


Following is chemical and physical property for 316 stainless steel.

The anti-corrosion property:

316 is better than 304. It perform good in paper manufacturing industry. And it is better in resisting marine atmospheric effect and subversive atmosphere.


Heat resisting property

The antioxygenic property is good when 316 stainless steel is under intermittent service under 1600℃ or continuous service under 1700℃. It is better not to continuous use stainless steel between 800-1575℃. But the heat resisting property is good beyond the temperature interval. And 316L material is better in anti carbide dispersion.


Heat treatment

Annealing in the temperature between 1850-2050℃, then cooling in short time. 316 stainless steel cannot be in too high temperature.



316 stainless steel have good welding performance. All welding method in standard can be used. In order to get better anti corrosion result, section of 316 stainless steel need to annealing after welding. 316L donot need.


Classic application

Heat exchange for paper manufacturing industry, dyeing equipment, film rinsing equipment, channel, exterior application for building nearby sea.

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