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316 material salt endurance performance
Dec 21, 2017

316 stainless steel is belong to austenitic stainless steel. The corrosion-resistant to chlorion is very bad, cannot be used in sea water

316 stainless steel cannot stand chloridion with severl PPM. Dual phase steel and nickel base alloy will be suggested under this kind of situation.

The Chlorine- resistant property of austenitic stainless steel, such as 316, not only depend on solution concentration, also depend on temperature.

Some one proceed one test, put some austenitic stainless steel in frozen waters, the temperature is below -5°, nothing happened after many years.

316 belong to high alloy stainless steel, the corrosion happen under stress and corrosive environment. The corrosion is very slow is no stress happen, otherwise the speed will be high.

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