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201 stainless steel property and componets
Dec 27, 2017

201 stainless steel with property of acid and alkali-resistance, high density, no bubble and pine holes after polishing. Good material to produce watch shell, watch cover. Mainly used for decorative pipe, industry pipe, some sight stretching products.

The components is following:

Carbon(C) ≤0.15  Manganese(Mn) 5.5~7.50   Silicon (Si) ≤0.75   Chromium(Cr) 16.0~18.0    Nitrogen (N)  ≤0.25  Phosphorus(P) ≤0.060   Sulfur(S) ≤0.030  Nickel(Ni) 0.6-5.50%  Copper(Cu)0.8(low) 1.5(high)

Tensile strength  520MPa

Yield strength    275MPa

Elongation  55 to 60%

Hardness HRB<183N/mm2(MPa)

Density  280lbs/cubic inch(7.93g/cm3)

There are J1,J3,J4,201,202 material in China market. Later Grade 200 came out, which contain less nickel. 201C is one product base on 201, reduce nickel and increase Manganese. The old standard is 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N, and new is 12Cr17Mn6Ni5N.

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