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SS Elevator Control Operation Panel

SS Elevator Control Operation Panel

Elevator operation panel customized base on cabin style and building height. They are in different shape, color.

Products description
Elevator COP, the full name is elevator control operation panel. It is a small panel in elevator car, but very important to the whole elevator car. It is a small stainless steel panel with some customized holes and tailored made logo or instructions, such as "NO SMOKING" "1000KG 15PERSONS". The press buttons will put into the holes. And the whole elevator will be controlled to move up or down absolutely by this operation panel. All floor numbers (according to the height of each actual building), close and open/ up and down function will be realized after get on power.

Most of the elevator car control operation panel are in rectangle. The dimension mainly depend on the design and actual building. The press buttons numbers will be more if the building is high, on the other hand it will be less. And the weight mark, LOGO, instructions maybe all different. Normally standard size is 1000*2440mm, 1000*3050mm, 1219*2440mm, 1219*3050mm, 1500*2440mm, 1500*3000mm
Thickness: mainly use 1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm, the thicker one
Width: customized
Length: customized

Normally the elevator control operation panel ordered together with the whole set of elevator cabin decoration panels. The COP will be put together with other elevator decoration stainless steel panels and send to installation site directly if in this situation. And the COPs will be put together. The COP layer Black and White protect film, put into fumigated wooden cases after inspection. The gross weight for each package is less than 2tons. LCL or container, by sea or by air are all available ways.


Elevator control operation panel with press button to realize the function of elevators, such as let passengers know can not smoke inside elevator cabins, what is the limited weight, go to which floor, go up or down. It control all the work of elevator.

Established stable cooperation with famous decoration companies, elevator companies, facade companies. Supply stainless steel flat panel, fabricated elevator parts, facade unit to customers.


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