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Stainless Steel Elevator Car Decoration

Customized elevator cabin wall, use different finish stainless steel panel or PU paint steel panel with fabrication. Some luxury cabin also with decorative strip.

Products description
Stainless steel elevator car decoration means decorate the elevator cabin with stainless steel panels, and the panels process with different fabrication work, such as bending, v-cut, cutting. Several pieces combined together after fabrication. The elevator decorated with stainless steel is much fashionable and seems deluxe, especially with different titanium color.

The stainless steel panel may be use 1.2mm or 1.5mm thickness panel for new made elevator cabin, maybe the renovation cabin can use 1.0mm for different handling method. The size of elevator cabin depends on the design, building height, weight limitation.
Panel Thickness: 1.0mm~1.5mm used commonly
Width: depend on design
Length: depend on the height of elevator cabin

The Stainless steel panels for elevator car decoration put into one wooden cases, the panels all with PE protect film and keep well in wooden cases. Attach labels on panels, take photo and keep in file. Stapling marks outside the cases. LCL or container, by sea or by air are all available ways.


The elevator decoration mainly use stainless steel material. The stainless steel can process different surface, different drawing pattern, fabricate into different size and shape, can coating with different color (titanium Gold, Rose Gold, Nickel Silver, Bronze, Brown, Black). The property of stainless steel can express the own feature of each elevator.

Established stable cooperation with famous decoration companies, elevator companies, facade companies. Supply stainless steel flat panel, fabricated elevator parts, facade unit to customers.


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